Why Timber Fire Doors Need To Be Approved

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Timber fire doors are a fantastic option for all commercial properties. Working as effective fire doors, they can save lives in the worst scenarios. This is just one of the reasons they are always approved before being installed into any commercial property.

Empress Timber manufacture and install timber fire doors nationwide. All our doors are fully approved before being installed, giving you complete peace of mind.

What Are Timber Fire Doors?

Timber fire doors are specialist products, going through tests against the elements to ensure they are secure for every property. They are purpose-built to withstand all fires as long as possible, giving everyone within the building a chance to exit before the fire spreads too far. Effectively, fire doors are a safety feature that can be the difference between life and death.

This is why they are perfect for commercial and industrial properties, with rigorous tests to ensure they are safe and effective against all fires. Due to this, there are several regulations and guidelines that must be followed, which is why timber fire doors need to be approved. For any commercial buildings, if your fire doors do not have approval this needs to be changed immediately.

There are several features of fire doors which make them suitable if a fire was to occur. This includes:

  • Fire Resistant Glass
  • Intumescent Seal (Designed to Expand Beyond 200°C to Seal Gaps)
  • Specialist Hinges, Door Handles & Locks
  • Timber Frames

With these features in place, it makes fire doors the best option for commercial and industrial buildings. You should always have the highest level of safety and using this product is the best option for your property.

Are Your Timber Doors Approved?

Even if your timber doors do have approval, there are several checks you should complete to make sure the doors are completely safe for use. In case of an emergency, you never want this to be an issue. The specification of your door should always be correct so fitting and maintenance is easy and the timber fire doors are in great condition. Some of the door checks you should have include:

  • Certified & Approved Doors
  • Closing Properly
  • Gaps
  • Hinges
  • Seals

Gaps around the door should be less than 4mm, with intumescent seals around the door and frame. Hinges should also have a firm fix with no missing or broken screws, allowing the door to close properly without sticking. If your timber doors meet these standards, they should be up to a high enough standard to offer fantastic safety.

Manufacturing & Approving Timber Fire Doors

Timber fire doors must always have approval, receiving certification after all tests. All fire doors must act as a barrier to stop the fire spreading, whilst also providing a means of escape when opened.

To receive certification, timber fire doors undergo extensive test procedure, specified in BS 476-22:1987 or BS EN 1634-1:2014. By completing these tests, it will assess whether the product are suitable for use and can be installed into commercial or industrial properties.

With our team manufacturing, timber offers fire resistance for up to 45 minutes and has full approval, receiving certification before installation to any property. This will make sure you have guaranteed performance in the case of a fire.

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