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Construction Timber Merchants in Chorley

At Empress Timber Ltd we provide a range of sawn hardwoods and construction timber for customers located across the UK and Ireland. If you are looking for a construction timber merchants that you can trust, you do not need to look any further.

All wood is sawn according to your specifications and we have our own machining facilities to complete this for you.

About Wholesale Hardwoods

We are connected with an importing agent who has extensive experience in the timber trade, enabling you virtually select the logs you need. The knowledge gained over years of working with mills located around the globe has given our customers a unique purchase opportunity. Our suppliers have members of their team located within the countries we seek supply from and whilst there make sure that each timber consignment is of the highest quality prior to leaving the mills. No matter what timber you need, you can rest assured that Empress Timber will look after you.

Our timber is sourced from Europe, Far East, South America, North America and Africa.

Our Timber Species

Species of timber provided are varied and can be supplied from a container or direct ex-quay. Some of the wood available includes, Brazilian Cedar, Marupa, Virola, Tatajuba, Garapa, Cambara, Peroba Rosa, A.W Oak, A.W Ash, Maple, Tulipwood, Spaele, A.B Walnut, Euro Oak and Euro Ash.

More types of timber are available to purchase and if you would like to find out more about these, feel free to contact us today on 01257 269596.

Supply of European Oak

One of the more popular materials in recent years within the UK has been European Oak, for both joinery and construction of homes. One of the partners of J.U.A Frischeis Gesellschaft, Franz Wagner, is able to access an excellent quality of Oak. As Wagner has his own kilning, sawing and grading facilities on his site, he is able to control all the production procedures.

This ensures the highest quality of timber, as his wood is typically bought in Austria and South Germany. As he is located close to this area therefore Franz goes to inspect the timber himself before completing purchases to be sure of it’s quality. Franz Wagner is the 5th generation member of his family to own the business, giving him extensive experience in the purchase of timber.

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Quality Timber

Having seen the care that Franz puts into his timber first hand at his mill, at Empress Timber Ltd we can be sure of the quality of this Oak. In the past a customer from the UK has also attended the mill, gaining an insight into this particular manufacturer. The customer was in search of timber for machine lippings which matched veneer from Frischeis and he was extremely pleased with the colour of the timber and overall cleanness.

The Oak supplied by Wagner is graded into I, II, and III quality. Grade I is chosen to produce timber of 80% clarity and grade II is selected to provide a clarity of 50%. The latter of these is often used when a wood with character is needed. The timber widths are usually around 10cm or wider, however Wagner is able to cut according to wider specs. Some thicknesses that he offers include 26, 32, 38 and 50mm.

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Sourcing Timber

Large quantities of oak can be sourced from Franze and he supplies all cutting lists and marks up with any code numbers. Wood can be air dried, kiln dried (dependent on width), or delivered green. The only information that he asks for is that a minimum order of 10m3 is placed, allowing him to beat competitor pricing and easily deliver the materials to the UK.

All customers are welcome to visit Wagner in Austria to see the products and facilities first hand.

Some of the other construction and marine timbers supplied include:

  • Ekki
  • Opepe
  • Balau
  • Greenheart
  • Elm
  • Douglas Fir
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As construction timber merchants, you can rely on us at Empress Timber Ltd to provide you with the highest quality of sawn hardwoods and construction timber.

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