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Sources of Timber

AluPlex® is the basis for our door products. This is a sheet material which is constructed from bonding peeled and sliced veneers and a vapour-barrier aluminium layer. Using this matrial as a basis, at Empress Timber Ltd we produce a large range of panels for doors. We also use other forms of material including aluminium, cork, and high-quality XPS insulation foam within our door blanks. This provides a range of possibilities and we play a huge role in new advancements in technology when it comes to insulated and fire door panels.

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Kinds of Door Blanks

See our line up of door blanks and the variation of materials and intended use for each kind


  • High stability class
  • Guaranteed and
  • Produced by Dutch producer
  • Easy to process
  • Available on request
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  • Combination of cork layers and Okoumé
  • Good acoustic and thermal properties
  • High stability class
  • Easy to process
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  • Fire Resistant for up to 45 minutes
  • Good value of thermal insulation
  • Lightweight
  • In a large format
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  • Good thermal properties
  • Via combination of XPS foam and AluPlex®
  • Incredibility strong yet lightweight
  • Okoumé rails and stiles
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  • Very high thermal insulation
  • More than suitable for use within passive construction
  • Extremely thick
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  • Lightweight
  • Available in any desire format
  • Thermal insulation meets latest requirements of the Building Decree
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  • Thermal insulation meets latest requirements from the Building Decree
  • Very strong but lightweight Stiles and rails
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  • No thermal bridge
  • Smooth surface due to Medite®
  • Tricoya® top layer insulating and stable to unique layer structure
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10 Year Stability Guarantee

When it comes to quality, we will always stand by this. Almost all our panels have been tested and certified under SKH BGS 001. Having met the criteria for the BRL 0803, you can be sure that our door panels are long-lasting. By following the processing and handling instructions, your 10 year stability guarantee is in place.


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