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At Empress Timber Ltd we have put together some of our advantages when it comes to Timber Supply. For more information, call us on 01257 269596.

Our Advantages in Preston

At Empress Timber Ltd we take our timber supply extremely seriously, whether providing materials to a customer in Preston or wider afield

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Quality Control and Production

When it comes to the quality of our door panels, we start with the strict control and selection of the basic materials. These typically include insulation foam, veneer, different types of glue, and cork. At Mill Panel they purchase the veneers in a range of sizes and widths. They are then able to join these using glue and there will not be any core gaps. Veneer is used as a core between the AluPlex faces and once pressed, the panel is sawn at right angles. 14 floors of multi-daylight press are used to press the two materials together and once sawn the panels are sanded and calibrated. Prior to shipment the panels are carefully packaged to ensure that quality is guaranteed.

Large Variety of Materials

At Empress Timber Ltd, we provide a wide variety of door panels for purchase, all with different specifications. You can be sure that we will have the correct material for every performance or application requirement. If you are after panels that are lightweight or fire resistant, then our stock is sure to hold these.

Safe and Secure

Amongst some of the best door panels in the world, Empress Timber Ltd’s products are always safe and secure. To make sure that our doors are protected we ensure that that every panel is fitted with a patented identification device, and we have been doing this since 1 February 2018. The fitted device features a chip which is built into the panel and placed at a depth of 8cm within the outer frame of the wood. This chip is able to be read off the outside and is safely sealed by a watertight plug. The plug can be seen clearly from the outside, making it easy to spot.

Containing a unique code, each chip can have important details like production date, type of adhesion, guarantee, and components used attached to it. Information regarding the types of machinery used can also be attached. This data can never be manipulated, making sure it is always safe and that no other company can claim responsibility.

10 Year Stability Guarantee

When it comes to quality, we will always stand by this. Almost all our panels have been tested and certified under SKH BGS 001. Having met the criteria for the BRL 0803, you can be sure that our door panels are long-lasting. By following the processing and handling instructions, your 10 year stability guarantee is in place.