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AluFire® Door Panels in Preston, UK

Used for fire-resistant door frame combinations, the AluFire® door panel has a thickness of 54 mm and can also be available up to 61 mm and 63 mm. As the door fulfilled the 30-minute requirement during the fire test EN 1634-2008, the length and width can be easily increased by 15% as long as a surface area of 20% is not exceeded. This means that the door can have a maximum height of 270 cm and a maximum width of 109 cm. The total area cannot exceed 2.68m2.

This type of door panel is also available in a conventional and non-fire-resistant version, known as AluCorkPlex®.

AluFire® - Specifications

54 mm, 61 and 63 mm

2350 x 950 mm as well as 15% higher and/or 15% wider with a maximum surface enlargement of 20% Length: maximum 270 cm, width: maximum 109 cm. Other sizes on request.

Face plywood
AluPlex® from 7.5 to 12 mm

Routable faces both sides and a core of expanded corkboard. AluFire® has 2 moisture-resistant aluminium layers of 0.3 mm thickness.

Top layer: Okoumé peeled veneer.


Time of delivery
On request

Fireproof exterior door. Also available in non-fire-resistant design as AluCorkPlex®.