Why Is Timber The Best Material For Property Doors?

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Although there are many materials to choose from when designing your home, timber remains the ideal option for interior and exterior doors. Timber not only offers a slick design, but its strength and durability is perfect for your property, with several timber styles available to choose from.

Empress Timber Ltd work closely with all our clients to find you the right door design and style. We supply throughout the UK and Ireland, giving you a fantastic range of products for your home.

Timber Is Top

When looking at the different materials for front, back or interior doors, timber should be your top choice. Although it can be slightly more expensive than some other materials, it offers fantastic value for money, also creating an incredibly modern and slick design.

As there are so many different types of timber that can be used for property doors, you can choose a design you love and the timber wood that you think is best for you. Although timber doors are often the best option, it is important to choose reliable manufacturers. If timber doors are not of a high quality, when used as a front door they could be prone to twisting and warping. Hence, the door could become damaged.

With Empress Timber Ltd, we manufacture, design and construct all timber doors. You should have complete peace of mind over the quality and functionality of our doors.

Timber Styles Available

Timber is perhaps the best material for doors due to the range of styles and colour schemes you can choose from. For most homeowners, you want to have a unique interior and exterior and your door style is a big part of this. Just some of the timber styles we have available for manufacturing include:

  • African Hardwood
  • Door Blanks & Plywood
  • European Hardwoods
  • Far Eastern Hardwood
  • Machined Timber Mouldings
  • North American Hardwoods
  • Sawn Lumber
  • South American Hardwood
  • Veneers & Lay-ons

We can talk you through all the different timber styles and which option is best for your home. If you are just replacing existing doors within your property, you will want this to match your current interior and exterior. By choosing timber doors, this is always possible.

Expert Production & Installation

Security is a big factor for all homeowners. Thanks to effective production and manufacturing, timber doors should always deliver safety and security. During the production of timber door panels, there is strict quality control and selection from basic materials to manufacture the best possible doors. Materials include:

  • Cork
  • Glues
  • Insulation Foam
  • Veneer

Veneers are purchased in many sizes and widths to create the door size you need. They join together using glue so there are no core gaps and pressing begins. 14 floors of multi-daylight press is completed with the two materials together before being sawn and shipped for use. With this process for all timber doors, regardless of style, colour scheme or size, it gives you full assurance over its quality.

Once installed, this should offer fantastic safety and security for every home. Timber doors are custom-made so will fit perfectly into your property, with the frame of wood being thick and secure.

Unique Appearance

With so many different designs to choose from, it is easy for your home to create a unique appearance with the addition of a timber door. Not only is it the best material for the security, durability and quality it offers, but timber seamlessly fits with the interior and exterior of any home.

Timber may need maintenance, however, this should not be frequent. Timber can easily be repainted with a fresh coat of paint to cover over any wear. They should last at least 10 years without needing paint and depending on the style you choose, repainting may not be needed. If cracks start to appear over time, refurbishment is also available to restore the original condition.

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