Different Types Of Timber Doors

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When choosing timber doors for your building, there are several different wooden styles to think about, including a number of timber products for each door. It is essential you choose the right type of timber door for your property, for the best sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Empress Timber manufacture, supply and install timber doors throughout the UK and Ireland. We can discuss all your requirements before installing to your property.

Popular Timber Doors

There are several types of wooden doors which are often most popular. Commonly, hardwood such as oak or softwood such as pine are used for timber doors. This can involve a variety of different types of wood, allowing you to find a unique style for interior doors and a wooden appearance and colour you love. This includes:

  • Beech
  • Cedar
  • Elm
  • Mahogany
  • Oak
  • Pine
  • Sycamore
  • Walnut

Many of these are different types of hardwood so when choosing a timber door, you should consider the interior style you are looking to create beforehand. This will make choosing your door style and the material much easier as you know the appearance you would like.

Wholesale Timber Products

At Empress Timber, we have a number of timber products available for every door. This allows you to choose a door style that is ideal for the interior design of your property, as well as the security, strength and durability features you desire from your door. The timber door products we have available include:

Each style offers different many benefits and also come with a range of thicknesses available. Height and width are also customisable so all doors are custom made to the property you need installation for. Timbers vary from being lightweight and offering specialist features such as thermal insulation, fire resistance and high stability.

Depending on your property and your priorities when installing new doors, you can always rely on timber doors as the most effective option, even if you are only looking for appearance and style.

Benefits Of Timber Door Styles

It can be difficult to choose the best timber doors without understanding the benefits of different styles. All timber works effectively for your door materials. However, to make sure you choose the right option you should identify which doors are suitable for your specific needs.

Hardwood – Hardwood timber doors are often more expensive than softwood, however, they offer more quality. The quality of hardwood means it is extremely durable and should last a lifetime for your property. This means repairs or replacements are not needed frequently and is unlikely to damage over time. Using hardwood will also act as a great insulator, ensuring your home retains all heat.

Softwood – The big advantage of softwood is that it is available at a more affordable price. Softwood timber doors are also much lighter, making them more versatile ensuring they can be used for several purposes.

As our doors are custom-made, we make sure all timber doors fit your property perfectly. This ensures that, with all the timber we manufacture and install, your expectations will be met with the durability, quality and competitive price of our doors.

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